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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss
CC: der.hans
Subject: Re: Fediverse for May topic
Am 09. May, 2024 schwätzte Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss so:

> Hi Went to what I think is the "main" website and it said:
> Fediverse social network differs from mainstream platforms (Facebook,
> Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). Mainstream platforms concentrate
> millions of users on one website, where they control all the decision-making,
> enforce censorship, and hoard users' data for commercial profit and spying.
> Fediverse platforms, on the other hand, are developed by a community of
> people from all over the world, independent from any company or official
> institution. You are free to register on any Fediverse website you like. You
> can choose the person who will be in charge of your data - the administrator
> of your server. If you have technical knowledge, you can administrate your
> own server for your friends and family, connecting with thousands of other
> independent servers across the web. Fediverse is an autonomous universe where
> power and data are decentralized and scattered across multiple lands.
> So how is Fediverse used? I am not active on any Social Media.... how do I
> leverage this service?

The same way you use/used mailing lists, IRC, and web forums. Create an
account and start participating :).

Honestly, maybe even the same way people use RSS or playlists or just
plain browsing.

For instance, if you allow some cookies and JavaScript you can follow my
account via a web browser.

or PLUG :)



> Thanks!!
> Keith
> On 2024-05-08 23:37, der.hans via PLUG-discuss wrote:
>> moin moin,
>> I updated my Fediverse talk for LinuxFest Northwest, but we had some
>> technical difficulties and I didn't get through the whole thing, so I'm
>> reprising it for tomorrow's PLUG meeting.
>> "Mastodon and the Fediverse: Decentralized Social Networking and Services"
>> Still in Big Blue Button at 19:00.
>> Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday at Boulders on Southern, also at 19:00.
>> ciao,
>> der.hans
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