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Author: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Matt Graham
New-Topics: Lexmark B2236: works with some fiddling
Subject: Re: Occasional printing, and supply problems
On 2021-02-07 14:31, Daniel Stasinski via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> Matt Graham wrote:
>> I occasionally need to print things. Like "every 6 months or so".
> Printer ownership is a lot like boat ownership.  Over the period of a
> year, it's usually cheaper just to rent a boat for the days you're
> actually going to use it.

Except there's a bloody pandemic going on right now, so interacting
with other people is a risk that you should probably avoid if you can.
OTOH, the Lexmark B2236 is A) in stock B) has PPDs for recent Ubuntu LTS
releases on the manufacturer's support website. (The URL is way too
long, can provide.) I do not know whether they're telling the truth or
not. However, I have ordered a B2236, and sometime next week, I will be
able to say whether it actually works in Linux or not.

I'll report what I find to , but AFAICT they're kind
of not keeping up with things. It used to be that manufacturer websites
DNGAF about Linux. Now the worst "Winprinter" offender in the old days
has PPDs and CUPS filters for many widely-used distros available for one
of their mid-level printers. *shrug*

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