Occasional printing, and supply problems

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Author: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
To: PLUG-discuss
CC: Matt Graham
Subject: Occasional printing, and supply problems
I occasionally need to print things. Like "every 6 months or so". I
had an old Samsung CLP-315 that worked very well, but it's dead, and
nothing I have tried (Doze10, OS X, removing and reseating all
user-servicable parts) has been able to get it to work again.

So: What do you all do for occasional printing? Inkjets dry up when
not used often, so I disregarded inkjets. I looked at B&W laser
printers on Amazon and Tiger Direct. The Brother HL-L2300D is listed on
openprinting.org as "working perfectly"[0], but for the last week, it's
been "temporarily out of stock". Other models of Brother, Lexmark, and
Canon printers that are listed on Amazon and Tiger Direct are A)
"temporarily out of stock" if they are listed on openprinting.org B) not
listed at all on openprinting.org and therefore probably paperweights.

Ordinarily in this situation, I'd print the 15-20 pages I need to print
at the office. The office is not really an option; I have no idea when
it'll be open again. Thoughts? Suggestions? Howls of pain?

[0] Binary-only i386 printer filter required, but this is not a huge
problem for me.

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