Lexmark B2236: works with some fiddling

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Author: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Matt Graham
Old-Topics: Re: Occasional printing, and supply problems
Subject: Lexmark B2236: works with some fiddling
On 2021-02-10 18:26, Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> I have ordered a B2236, and sometime next week, I will be able
> to say whether it actually works in Linux or not.

It works, mostly. The manufacturer-supplied PPD and CUPS filters do
things, but Gentoo keeps its CUPS filters in /usr/libexec/cups/filter/
not /usr/lib/cups/filter/ . I had to manually copy the 2 filters to the
right directory, copy the B2200Series.ppd file to
/usr/share/ppd/Lexmark_PPD/ , then change the "cupsFilter" lines in the
PPD file so that they were pointing at the right executables. So it's
not as n00b-friendly as it could be, but it does print. If you were
using Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian, the manufacturer's installer would
probably have just worked.

I couldn't get it to feed paper properly out of its tray without some
fiddling. Letter-sized paper requires you to adjust the paper tray in a
way that is not immediately obvious and is not described very well in
the manual:


...push the blue slider on the left to the left and hold it, then push
the blue slider on the top to the top until the "LTR" lines up with the
left blue slider. Also you must have about 1.5" / 3.8cm of clearance
behind the printer, and it is not advisable to put the printer on the

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