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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: Stephen Partington via PLUG-discuss
CC: der.hans
Subject: Re: Fediverse for May topic
Am 09. May, 2024 schwätzte Stephen Partington via PLUG-discuss so:

moin moin Stephen,

Yes. ish. :)

Most of the Fediverse is using ActivityPub for server to server
communication, so they know how to subscribe to and to share content with
each other.

Some Fediverse services offer RSS, so that's also an option for read-only

You can run your own instance. At least one person on this list does that.

There are also several general use instances and many, many shared
interest instances. For instance, I use, which is a
shared interest instance for people interested in Free Software.

There are Fediverse projects specializing in short posts, picture
sharing, video sharing, live streaming, link sharing, book club, event
coordination and more.



> So the idea is to be able to join your own or your buddy's social media
> site, and then it syncs to others. all the content and activity is still on
> that main server, but people from other servers can still subscribe to you
> from wherever they are logged in. and then this subscription is handed back
> and forth when called/requested between the different services.
> So your feed can pull content from just one server or 50 depending on your
> subscriptions. but you still only have to deal with one social location. a
> lot like a really pretty and interactive RSS feed, so you can use this for
> news info, social updates whatever you want.
> On Thu, May 9, 2024 at 8:59 AM Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss <
> > wrote:
>> Hi Went to what I think is the "main" website and it said:
>> Fediverse social network differs from mainstream platforms (Facebook,
>> Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). Mainstream platforms concentrate
>> millions of users on one website, where they control all the
>> decision-making, enforce censorship, and hoard users' data for
>> commercial profit and spying. Fediverse platforms, on the other hand,
>> are developed by a community of people from all over the world,
>> independent from any company or official institution. You are free to
>> register on any Fediverse website you like. You can choose the person
>> who will be in charge of your data - the administrator of your server.
>> If you have technical knowledge, you can administrate your own server
>> for your friends and family, connecting with thousands of other
>> independent servers across the web. Fediverse is an autonomous universe
>> where power and data are decentralized and scattered across multiple
>> lands.
>> So how is Fediverse used? I am not active on any Social Media.... how
>> do I leverage this service?
>> Thanks!!
>> Keith
>> On 2024-05-08 23:37, der.hans via PLUG-discuss wrote:
>>> moin moin,
>>> I updated my Fediverse talk for LinuxFest Northwest, but we had some
>>> technical difficulties and I didn't get through the whole thing, so I'm
>>> reprising it for tomorrow's PLUG meeting.
>>> "Mastodon and the Fediverse: Decentralized Social Networking and
>>> Services"
>>> Still in Big Blue Button at 19:00.
>>> Stammtisch is a week from Tuesday at Boulders on Southern, also at
>>> 19:00.
>>> ciao,
>>> der.hans
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