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Author: Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: techlists
Subject: Re: Anyone Using HostGator, Bluehost, or some other cheap shared hosting provider?
Hi Daniel,

I assume you are running on a 1 vCPU with 1GB of RAM?

I tried that on DigitalOcean and the server would crash as soon as I ran
a simple PHP script. I had to give it more memory to get it to work.
What is the secret?

Also what do you do for mail?

On 2023-04-06 22:16, Daniel Stasinski via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> I've been using [3] for many years now. $5 a month for a
> virtual server on which I did a full LAMP installation, etc.
> Daniel P. Stasinski
> ✞ _Jesus Is King _✞
> On Thu, Apr 6, 2023 at 9:08 PM David Schwartz via PLUG-discuss
> <> wrote:
>> I don’t know how helpful this is, but … the best time to buy
>> hosting is Black Friday.
>> For points (1) and (3), this might help.
>> First, if I’m understanding (3) correctly, I think you want to be
>> looking at a “Reseller” type of account. By itself, cPanel is
>> for ONE account/domain. They have a thing called a “Reseller”
>> panel, WHM (Web Hosting Manager), that lets you set up some number
>> of independent cPanel accounts. Ignore the name, it’s just a way
>> to manage multiple cPanel accounts if you need them. If you want to
>> build and manage multiple sites for yourself and/or clients, this is
>> the way to go.
>> If you want to actually BE a hosting “reseller”, then you’ll
>> also need WHMCS or something like that to handle your billing. Some
>> places include it with WHM, most offer it as an option. If you
>> don’t need billing, save your money and don’t get it.
>> Sometimes some places offer big discounts, but the only thing
>> consistent with most of them is they offer SOME discount BUT … it
>> only applies to your FIRST INVOICE. Meaning that if you have a
>> monthly plan, it only applies to the first month’s bill. But if
>> you get a 3-year plan, it’s for the whole 3-year term.
>> On Black Friday, they’ll usually offer a plan upgrade for free
>> PLUS the discount. So you’d get a 30-50 site reseller plan for the
>> price of a 15-25 site plan. Or on a single account, they’d offer
>> the next step up, like Silver instead of Bronze for the Bronze
>> price.
>> I personally prefer cPanel and WHM, mostly b/c I’ve been using
>> them for a very long time and am used to how they work.
>> However, there are tweaks that hosting providers can make that are
>> often done to reduce their support overhead rather than help
>> customers get our jobs done better. One case i point is NameCheap
>> — I love them for domain registrations, but their hosting SUCKS!
>> They have so many weird restrictions compared to other cPanel/WHM
>> providers that it’s silly. When I’d ask, their canned reply was
>> “for security reasons”. I’m sorry, but disabling the ability
>> to click on the little cPanel icon in a row in WHM to open cPanel
>> for that account does not strike me as security related. Doing so is
>> quick and easy, but it restricts what you can do to a certain extent
>> on the target account, because you’re not logged-in as the account
>> holder — and I suspect your average user doesn’t understand
>> that. As a result, it probably increaes their support tickets, so
>> they disabled it. Several cPanel features are limited or blocked as
>> well for the same excuse. I’ve never encountered this anywhere
>> else.
>> I was at one place for a while, Eleven2, and they were pretty good,
>> but on Sept 2nd of last year, they suddenly switched-out cPanel/WHM
>> for a totally different control panel! It was totally unannounced,
>> with no advance warning, no way to go back, and I had problems for
>> over a month. I paid for one year of cPanel/WHM hosting, and they
>> just took it away and replaced it with something else. No apologies,
>> no discussion, no warnings. Just “poof” and here ya go.
>> Come Black Friday, I found a great deal on hosting from
>> [2] and paid for a year of SSD-based Reseller
>> (cPanel/WHM) access with 50 sites for a 50% discount — it worked
>> out to about $12/mo. Screaming deal.
>> Most cPanel/WHM hosts have raised their prices to reflect what
>> cPanel has done. So a 15-user WHM account works out to $20/mo or so.
>> The nice thing about cPanel is that if you want to change hosts, the
>> new ones can move your old account over in about 30 seconds —
>> it’s built into the Admin side of the platform. The only
>> shortcoming is that it messes up whatever Packages you have defined.
>> Most of the support folks don’t even really know what this means,
>> but you’ll find out the first time you try adding another account
>> in WHM and the only Package options you have are the defaults that
>> WHM offers — yours got lost in the move, but they still show up on
>> the old accounts.
>> I was with HostGator for quite a while, but after they got bought by
>> the “Borg” company buying up so many other hosting providers,
>> their support went to crap. Many others as well. Stay away from the
>> whole bunch of them.
>> As for (2), most will NOT give you SSH access. PERIOD. I did ask my
>> current guys and they said they’d hook me up with a restricted
>> shell on a per-account basis.
>> That said, you really only need it if you’re going to install some
>> kind of script that requires you go do it from a command shell.
>> cPanel has a File Manager in it that lets you do pretty much
>> anything you can do in a Windows Explorer or Mac Finder window,
>> including editing .access files.
>> I also have a Windows VPN hosted at VirMach. They’re ok, and I got
>> a great price — I think it was a New Year’s sale.
>> A lot of hosting places are totally automating their support, which
>> is a PITA if you run into any real problems. They love to tout their
>> Support, but they’re ALL cutting back. If you want REAL support,
>> you’ll want to get a “Managed Hosting” account.
>> I can set you up with a managed Wordpress account and tons of
>> premium plugins for $50/mo. I don’t have a sales page for it yet,
>> tho. (It’s through WPMUDev.)
>> -David Schwartz
>>> On Apr 3, 2023, at 1:48 PM, Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss
>>> <> wrote:
>>> I am looking at cheap shared hosting providers.
>>> I found two so far... Bluehost and HostGator.
>>> I used Hostgator in the past and it was good and then really bad,
>>> and it has been a while. I eventually moved on. I have not used
>>> Bluehost and the reviews are mixed.
>>> I have three requirements:
>>> 1) must have a control panel.
>>> 2) must have ssh access. Not sure this is really necessary
>>> because, off the top of my head, all I need is to be able to edit
>>> the .htaccess file which I can do local and FTP up... or the
>>> control panel might have a built in editor. I probably need
>>> access to SSH so I can set file permissions.
>>> 3) must be highly discounted when buying in bulk.
>>> Any other cheap hosting providers you would recommend?
>>> Your thoughts?
>>> Thanks!!
>>> Keith
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