messed up network manager.

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Author: Jim via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Jim
Old-Topics: hosts for BBB
Subject: messed up network manager.
I made the mistake of installing pihole on this machine which is running
kubuntu 20.04.  When it finished, DNS didn't work anymore.  I
uninstalled piehole.  Somehow I messed up network manager.  It doesn't
show that I have a network connection.  I could ping IP addresses such
as but DNS still didn't work.  I edited
/etc/systemd/resolved.conf where I added DNS= and
FallbackDNS=  I rebooted and DNS is working again.  Still,
Network Manager is messed up.  I click on it and it doesn't show any
available networks.  I can right click on the network manager icon, then
click Configure network connections, and the ethernet connection is
there. The option in Network manager to stop or start the network isn't

Please somebody tell me how to fix this.


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