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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: quatsch
CC: der.hans
New-Topics: messed up network manager.
Subject: hosts for BBB
moin moin,

we need a couple people to be alternate hosts for BBB in case I'm

Preferably hosts would consistently be at both the general meeting and
Stammtisch. We would coordinate between ourselves to make sure we have

Ideally, we open BBB a half hour before the meeting starts, though that's
less important for Stammtisch since it's already a socializing event.

You'll get an account on the Big Blue Button instance. You'll be able
to start and stop the meetings. You'll be able to make someone the
presenter. You'll be able to mute and kick if we need.

I pay for the instance, so no financial cost for anyone. Just trying to
make it to where I am no longer a single point of failure for the meetings
to happen.

Also, we should better encourage people to hop in the IRC channel for


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