Re: After Linux Mint update, numerous problems ...

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Author: joe--- via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: joe
Subject: Re: After Linux Mint update, numerous problems ...
Thanks again Brian ... I'll recheck everything you mentioned
and keep trying. -Joe

2009-03 8:40 AM Brian Cluff wrote:
> There is a line on the output of your command that reads:
> "197 additional updates are available with UA Infrastructure ESM"
> It appears that you are running a very old very of your OS.
> It's essentially saying that you need an Extended support contract in
> order to continue to get updates to your OS
> I also noticed that you have "apt list --upgradable", but it's spelled
> "upgradeable", so that's probably why you got the list of options
> instead of a list of upgradeable packages.

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