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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: quatsch
CC: der.hans
Subject: Intermediate GNU/Linux assistant system administrator wanted (fwd)
moin moin,

US-based remote debian and ansible junior system admninistrator job


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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 10:33:21 +0930
From: C J du Preez <>
Subject: Intermediate GNU/Linux assistant system administrator wanted
Resent-Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 01:39:10 +0000 (UTC)

Good day,

As mentioned in the subject, we are looking for an intermediate GNU/Linux
assistant system administrator. Resumes / cover letters may be sent to me.

You absolutely must be the kind of person who spends a significant part of
their evenings or weekends playing with GNU/Linux servers and desktops for fun.
Ideally someone who has made heavy use of GNU/Linux in a server environment for
a number of years. You should love working with text terminals !

We are not looking for junior, simply because we do not have the capacity to
spend a lot of time and effort training someone. We are not looking for
senior, because this is an assistant position, so you will have set tasks
within a compartmentalized environment. That said, this is a full-time
position, and we want the candidate to remain with us for many years. There is
room for growth for individuals who perform well.

Most of our servers and workstations run Debian 9 / 10. We are not likely to
switch from Debian any time soon.

90% of the work will be automating configuration in Ansible. Ansible serves as
executable documentation and allows us to deploy systems quickly, and to
recover quickly in case of system failure. We are unlikely to consider
alternatives like Chef / Puppet / Salt any time soon. If you do not love
working with Ansible and automating as much as possible with it, this job is
not for you.

The remainder of the job will include writing BASH scripts and maintaining
infrastructure. Please be comfortable using systemd, LUKS, RAID and LVM.

Some of the other technologies / tools we rely on include:

     Xen hypervisor for virtualization
     MySQL / MariaDB / Percona
     Zabbix for monitoring
     pfSense devices serving as firewalls

The position is mostly remote work. We do need someone based in the US for
timezone overlap. Someone in the Charlotte, NC area would be ideal.

About Data Driven Safety, LLC

How DDS is described by our employees: "No bs, no corporate politics, no dress
code, financially-secure company, flexible work schedules, objective-based
approach, employees all over the world, telecommuting is as normal as on-site,
love what I do (at least most days), ... what did you want me to say again?"

DDS is a small company with a close-knit employee group. We offer competitive
salary and benefit packages to smart, loyal, creative thinkers that excel at
problem solving.

DDS collects public record data (e.g., arrest, crash, judicial, etc.) directly
from thousands of governmental agencies. This information fuels a number of
unique services that are utilized nationally by large and small corporations, a
state risk pool, municipalities, educational institutions, hospital systems and
insurance underwriters. Our only publicly marketed service is Envision, a
comprehensive driver improvement platform. However, most of our growth during
the past several years has been driven by a set of predictive underwriting,
fraud prevention and claims management services that were created at the
request of our customers in the automotive and health care industries.

Data Driven Safety, LLC is dedicated to improving public safety. We have been
in existence since 2009 and are owned through the Graham Group, a
billion-dollar investment vehicle.

No recruiters please.

Best regards
C J du Preez
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