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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: Ed via PLUG-discuss
CC: der.hans, Ed
Subject: Re: coment NEOWISE
Am 17. Jul, 2020 schwätzte Ed via PLUG-discuss so:

moin moin,

didn't make it as far as I wanted, but found a nice dark place West of New
River with a long, flat darkness, so we had a nice view of the comet and
its tail.



> A couple suggestions:
> In the valley - Shaw Butte Trail
> Going north, just as the I-17 crests into the Verde Valley, maybe Oxtail
> draw* - or Flowerpot or Misake tank should be far enough out there for dark
> skies with a NW look over the Verde. Williamson Valley north of Prescott is
> perfect for this, but then a bit of a drive.
> If you are really into a road trip, I think Jerome has a NW view from the
> old school. And plenty of crystals to channel the commet's energy... 8)
> *road to Cherry
> On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 3:19 PM der.hans via PLUG-discuss <
> > wrote:
>> moin moin,
>> Finally got to see the comet last night. It was just under the branches of
>> a palm tree :).
>> The palm tree was being pointed at by the downward facing big dipper.
>> I located it with binoculars, but then was able to fuzzily see it without
>> them once I knew where to look.
>> We caught it around 20:45 and it was below the horizon by 21:20.
>> Probably heading out of town tonight for a better view.
>> Info from Lowell in Flagstaff.
>> In relation to the big dipper.
>> Any suggestions on a good place that is north horizon viewing with no
>> mountains without having to drive to Flagstaff.
>> I thought of Sunset point, but that's West viewing and south of the rim.
>> North of the rim is the start of the roller coaster. Lots of fun to drive,
>> but a horrible place to stop and sight see.
>> ciao,
>> der.hans
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