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Author: Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Michael Butash, der.hans
Subject: Re: homewide sound system
Some background on the server/services, primarily the LMS SqueezeCenter

Said android server as the media output sink in the system:

Look up SqueezeLite in RPi packages, or under linux. Works great with Alsa
alone on Pi, have never quite gotten this working with Pulse on a full
linux system (ie. my desktop)...

Squeezer client I use to control the whole thing:

I have a few old androids from my ancient samsung galaxy, xperia mini's,
few others running the sink endpoint connected to speakers. If you want to
get really fancy, you can add a hifi audio card to a pi, or use any real
DLNA receiver ala Pioneer, Onkyo, etc as well without any additional


On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 6:02 PM Michael Butash <> wrote:

> There is still the old Logitech SqueezeCenter server and plenty of
> SquezePlayer servers/clients out there to make your whole home audio. I
> run a SqueezeCenter Server on my synology with all my audio tracks there,
> and then you just add Squeezeplayer hardware clients that act as your
> speaker output in each room to play individually, or synchronize multiple
> rooms. The hardware died in the mid 2000's, but the software never did...
> These clients can be RPi's with Squeeze software, in my case, a bunch of
> old/repurposed android cell phones with a Squeeze Player server software,
> going to various old iphone speaker docks, 2.1, and 5.1 systems acquired
> from goodwill's around the house and connected via mic jacks. I also
> picked up a few chinese DLNA network players that worked ok too in this.
> My Pioneer Elite receiver also shows up in the inventory for room control,
> my buddy I setup uses his with two Onkyo's.
> Wireless audio sync on my android player servers is always a problem with
> delay differences between rooms, but if wired, it works just fine.
> There are various player clients for choosing tracks from your library and
> control, ala sync across devices. I had to buy one for my ipad, but plenty
> free on android, and better ones less free. You can even control via the
> web ui on the server, in my case my Synology.
> HTH!
> -mb
> On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 1:40 AM der.hans via PLUG-discuss <
> > wrote:
>> moin moin,
>> with all the time spent at home, the family is asking for some upgrades.
>> Aside from packing some pis with speakers all over the house, any
>> suggestions on how to use Free Software that doesn't want to ping out?
>> I buy my music, download oggcasts, etc., so no need for speakers to be
>> checking in with a license server.
>> There's a Free Software project for building a home assistant. I'd rather
>> avoid that right now and prefer a setup without microphones and camaeras.
>> Wired or wireless can work.
>> ciao,
>> der.hans
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