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Author: Matthew Gibson via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Matthew Gibson, der.hans
Subject: Re: Password Management Services
I have been using BitWarden since it was reviewed/recommended by Noah
Cheliah on the asknoahshow <>.
It has the ability to be hosted on your own infrastructure as far as the
cloud goes. I've been happy with its services so far. I don't have any
problems using it across my device ecosystem, works like a charm on linux,
android, windows, and I assume mac although I haven't personally used it

Hope my 2 cents helps.

Good Luck.

On Sun, May 24, 2020 at 11:44 AM der.hans via PLUG-discuss <
> wrote:

> Am 24. May, 2020 schwätzte Michael Butash via PLUG-discuss so:
> moin moin,
> I have been happily using and giving presentations on KeePassX for more
> than a decade. It isn't cloudy, so you have to provide your own sync. To
> me this is good as it encourages different files for different reasons,
> e.g. I have a travel file with just a few passwords, a file I share with
> the family and files for different non-profits I work with.
> If you use KeePassX, I recommend the KeePassXC fork, but there's a
> consistent lockup bug in the Ubuntu Bionic distro, so stick with KeePassX
> there. Both are good, but KeePassXC has more people actively working on it
> and is getting more updates.
> As to cloudy services, I tested two different password manager apps
> available for NextCloud. I was going to use one for a project, but stopped
> working on that project.
> There's also BitWarden. I haven't used it, but have gotten good reviews of
> it from people at conferences.
> ciao,
> der.hans
> > I've been using LastPass for 5 years, as I purchased a 5yr subscription
> > initially liking the product so much. Since then, they've been through
> > acquisition by LogMeIn/GoToMeeting, which I hate, first thing jacking
> > prices, had security resets due to dubious levels of being hacked, and
> just
> > both the UI and the service have gotten worse over the past few years
> since
> > GTM bought them. I don't trust it'll get better from here.
> >
> > What are you all using for password management, particularly full-time
> > linux users? I like the cloud sync options, but I really don't trust any
> > of these companies fully, and would like something easier to sync with
> > across platforms minus a cloud.
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
> > -mb
> >
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