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Author: Daniel Stasinski
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Stammtisch in IRC Tuesday
> Does anyone have access to a werewolf bot or other IRC game that we can
> throw into a temporary channel?

I have a custom bot that plays the Acro game. I could park it in there for
a bit. I just need a channel name and what nick to name it.

Here's a bit from our instruction page:
The Acro GameWhat is an Acronym?

Acronyms are abbreviations made from the first letters of other words, such
as FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation; LOL for Laughing Out Loud; or
KISS for Keep It Simple Stupid.
How to Play.

At the beginning of each round, *AcroBot* gives you an acronym made up of 3
to 5 random letters and you have fun deciding what they stand for. To
play, you open a private message to *AcroBot* and give your best answer.
When the round is up, everyone votes for their favorite answer.

The person with the most points at the end of the game (8 rounds) is the
winner and will earn the respect and envy of all.

Remember, you can't vote for your own answer and if you don't vote then any
votes you get will not be counted. All plays and votes must be sent in
private to *AcroBot*.
How to Score.

- Vote Points. You get one point for each vote you receive.
- Winner Bonus. The round winner (who gets the most votes) scores one
additional point per letter in the acronym. (Ties are broken by who was
first to answer.)
- Speed Bonus. The fastest legal entry that gets at least one vote
earns an additional bonus point.
- Voter bonus. One bonus point goes to each person who voted for the
round winner.

Helpful Hints

The long history of the game has shown that obscene answers rarely ever
win. Winners are always the most funny, witty, creative and coherent

*Daniel P. Stasinski*

I 💛✞


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