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Author: der.hans
To: quatsch
Subject: Stammtisch in IRC Tuesday
moin moin,

Rather than encouraging people to go out we will have an online Stammtisch
this Tuesday.

I believe this is the first Stammtisch we've cancelled in 20 years.

We can hang out in the PLUG IRC channel on Freenode, #PLUGaz.

PLUG also has a Mastodon account, we can chat in the fediverse using the
#Stammtisch hashtag.

If you want the Stammtisch food experience, order some takeout or delivery
from a locally owned business like Boulders.

If you do get some, I recommend a locally own establishment. Locally owned
places are taking a huge hit with this and more of the money they take in
stays in the local economy. Also, they're more about community, which is
the purpose of Stammtisch :).

Check first to make sure they're open.

Just talked to Boulders on Southern and Boulders on Broadway (
accidentally dialed the wrong number the first time ). Both are
staying open.

I imagine most other local restaurants have to stay open as they still
have to pay the rent at the end of the month and their employees need at
least some income.

Does anyone have access to a werewolf bot or other IRC game that we can
throw into a temporary channel?

The security meeting on Thursday is cancelled. I think we have something
good for April, but it will still be virtual. April announcements coming


# Linux Fest Northwest - April 24 - 26, Bellingham, WA
# "If I want my children to work hard, I better be the hardest working
# person they've ever met. If I want the children to be nice, I better
# be the kindest human being they've ever met." -- Rafe Esquith
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