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Author: Seabass
To: plug-discuss
Subject: RE: Centos 8
When I did an install,
I could use dnf,
I don’t know if Postgres was a different version or installed differently, but the install methods have changed for it.

That was about as far as we got.

Note: I don’t usually use CentOS, if anything more is unusual I wouldn’t know.

> I've played around with it on a VM, but nothing substantial.
> I'm preparing to move my home servers over to it on the 1st. Can anyone
> share any pitfalls they've had with it? Anything to avoid, or anything I
> need to know, would be very helpful.
> Home Servers will be running SabNZB, Sonarr, Radarr, and Plex.
> Thanks!
> -Alex.
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