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Author: Michael Butash
To: Victor Odhner
CC: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: How to direct audio output
Every DE makes a sound applet of some sort to control levels, I just find
most suck, or are at least diminished from pavucontrol in the name of
trying to make it "simple". Sometimes we need beyond simple.

That said, for a few years pavucontrol would run amok occasionally grabbing
30-40gb of memory if I wasn't watching it. Why, I never really did find
out, but killing it tended to keep it in check. I haven't seen this in a
bit though, so figure someone noticed the memory leak at some point, by

Glad this helped!


On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 3:01 PM Victor Odhner <> wrote:

> Michael, thanks for boosting my trust in Mint.
> Yes, *pavucontrol* is available via the regular sources and works
> perfectly, just as smooth as on the Mac. I only wondered why they don’t
> install it by default, but I guess for some it would just be clutter.
> I got my sound running — I’m not sure what I did, but I think both my
> output devices had disable buttons which I guess must have been in effect;
> I hit a few buttons so I’m not sure what did it. Again, I don’t know what I
> had done that shut it down in the first place.
> I thought I would concoct a panel launcher for *pavucontrol*, so I did
> this:
> Add to Panel > Launch
> … and this led me to a menu of apps I hadn’t seen before; and one of them
> was pavucontrol.
> Can’t beat that!
> Thanks again.
> ________________________
> On 20190208, at 09:59, Michael Butash <> wrote:
> Mint's audio panel might not let you do it, but install pavucontrol, which
> is pulseaudio volume control, which can (I always install and use this
> only).
> When you play the video with whatever generating audio, pavucontrol should
> show in "playback" menu, with the destination audio as hdmi output card.
> Change that to be your other audio destination, the usb dac, and that
> should be all you need to divert audio there. If you don't see another
> device, ensure all are enabled in Configuration and you see them both under
> Output Devices.
> Check and make sure all the playback applications are seeing audio levels,
> and then make sure the appropriate output device is as well under output
> does too as they can work independently.
> -mb
> On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 10:49 PM Victor Odhner <> wrote:
>> My Mac Mini's Preferences > Sound window lets me “select a device for
>> sound output.” This works well driving my sound system. It detects other
>> devices but lets me select my converter:
>>     USB > Digital-to-Analog converter > mixer board.

>> Everything I find online seems to indicate that nobody’s created a
>> similar configuration tool for Linux, that we have to use some queries and
>> build a config file. The query I tried did show that there are two devices,
>> but I really don’t know what I’m doing.
>> Any instruction would be greatly appreciated.
>> My situation:
>> In my Mint system, I want to drive a monitor via HDMI,
>> and sound via USB > Digital-to-Analog converter > mixer board.
>> The very same connection worked when driven by the Mac Mini.
>> Linux never had a problem with it either, but I messed up something.
>> At one point the sound was playing through the monitor’s relatively weak
>> loudspeaker.
>> After some tinkering, nothing is coming through.
>> Thanks,
>> Victor
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