I Tried AI for Programming and Article Writing

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Author: Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: techlists
Subject: I Tried AI for Programming and Article Writing

I wanted to share my experience. When AI came out I feared it would
take over my niche as a PHP developer. After taking AI for a test run
this is what I discovered:

1) The application analysis and design still needs to be performed by a

2) The human, in my case, the developer, needs to have a decent
understanding of what one asks AI to create. I asked for a simple M-V-C
app and it provided one that was very interesting, however it did not
process the URL to get the Controller, Action, and segments.

3) Humans will still need to test the app once complete. AI does create
some automated testing, however human testing is still required.

4) AI is great for learning. I found the PHP AI code to be more precise
and did things differently than I. Great learning opportunity.

5) I asked AI to help me understand what the Linux logs were used for
and it gave me what appeared to be something I can learn from. It
appears to be much better than Google.

6) As listed above, AI can be used to learn and build skills.

7) I had Ai write me an article and it spit out about 650 words that
could be the bases of an article for a blog post.

When it is all said and done, I fear AI much less.

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