Need Some Help Configuring OpenVPN

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Author: Mark Phillips via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Mark Phillips
Subject: Need Some Help Configuring OpenVPN
I know there are a lot of articles about configuring OpenVPN on the
Internet, but I am having trouble finding one that fits my situation. I
believe I have all the pieces, just not sure how to put them all together.

I have a Ubuntu 22.04 laptop connected to my local network with OpenVPN
installed. I have another Ubuntu 22.04 server on the same network. When I
travel, I would like to access the server over ssh. My router has OpenVPN
installed by default, so that seems to be a good solution. I downloaded the
preconfigured client .ovpn file from the router.

1. I believe the client.ovpn file goes into /etc/openvpn/clients - correct?
The client file has this configuration, and then a lot of certificates:
dev tun
proto udp
remote yyyyy #
resolv-retry infinite
I use Cox as my Internet provider, so the remote yyyyy should
take care of my changing IP from Cox. Is that correct? I have an account
with no-ip to track my changing IP from Cox.
Should proto also have TCP?
What should I call this file? Is it enabled by default since it is in the
clients folder?

2. Do I need to set up any special routes on my router to get from the
outside to my server on port 22 for ssh?

3. In the gnome settings panel there is a VPN drop down under networking.
Do I have to do anything with that?

4. What command do I use to connect to my server using the vpn? I don't
want to use the VPN when I am on my network at home, just when I travel.

Thanks for your help!

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