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Author: Steve Litt via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Steve Litt
Subject: Re: GURPS Magic (OT, probably not FOSS)
trent shipley via PLUG-discuss said on Sat, 22 Apr 2023 16:31:13 -0700

>I know I'd rather not work in the dying VB.Net language. C# would
>therefore be the obvious choice. I'd rather work in Scala, Python, or
>Java (in that order). I know just enough Prolog to know it is almost
>directly applicable to this problem's backend, but I would spend
>forever getting competent with Prolog, and then no one else would be
>able to maintain it. F# guts plus a C# outer layer might be a
>reasonable compromise.

One more language to add to your list is Lua. A lot of game addons are
made in Lua because it plays nicer with C than most others. People
often use the Lua for rules and C for implementing those rules.

In my opinion Lua is the best *language* in the world, but because of
Python's spectacularly useful and reliable Standard Library, I use


Steve Litt
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