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Author: Nicholas Pscion via PLUG-discuss
To: PLUG-discuss
CC: Nicholas Pscion
Subject: Moving out of state, need to liquidate a garage full of server equipment
I didn't know I'd be moving out of state by the end of the month only last
Sunday, but that's life.

I have a garage full of server stuff that needs to go by the end of the
month (sudden moving out of state). Largely 1 and 2u supermicro and some
dell rackmount servers, E5-26XXv1/v2 and E3-12XXv1/v2, tons of ddr3 rdimms,
1 and 2TB (some 3 and maybe 4) 3.5" SATA and sas enterprise drives, 1tb
2.5" sas, 480GB Samsung enterprise SSDs. Some 4u and JBOD chassis, raid
cards, nics, etc. There's also some 56XX series stuff, and various oddball
parts. Dell, HP, other laptops of similar vintage (i5 or i7 sandy/ivy
bridge era) I also have a rack mount LCD kvm unit and an entire full height

I'm in Chandler. I can get pictures of anything people are interested in.
My days off are Thu-Sat, but I work from home and can meetup other days
before noon as long as it's near or at my place. I am very open to offers
on bulk purchases, but cherry picking is fine too.
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