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Author: George Toft via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: George Toft
Subject: Side Gig Available
I have a project and need some help.  Unfortunately, life has gotten in
the way and I need someone with PXE Boot and UEFI knowledge.

History: I created a PXE Boot server for the customer that delivers an
image to the net booted client based on the Linux Terminal Server
Project.  The client, once booted, mounts the LTSP NFS export for the
root filesystem.  The start up scripts extract root's homedir on the
client (some changes are made on the local system and I don't want that
going to NFS).  The client then proceeds to erase all hard drives found
on the system.  It's like DBAN, but it records data for audit purposes. 
It's been working fine for years.

Current problem: Intel has deprecated BIOS in favor of UEFI, so more and
more systems come with UEFI instead of Legacy BIOS.  I tried to create a
PXE Boot image for UEFI with some success.  The client downloads the
image, but has no network drivers installed, so the LTSP NFS mount
doesn't mount.  I have a master system with all the drivers installed -
I just need to make an image that will boot from UEFI and add it to the
PXE Boot server.

If anyone can help me with this, please let me know - I'll set up a
working lunch/dinner to go over any of the fine details and discuss
compensation and NDA.


George Toft

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