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Author: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Matt Graham
New-Topics: Help! a major catastrophe with my Linux Mint installation ...
Subject: Re: Help needed.
On 2020-12-28 13:58, Jeff Tatreau via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> New Debian install won't boot. Will pay for tech help getting this to
> run.

Let's try to fix this over mail first. I am assuming this is UEFI on
the x86_64, if this is BIOS or on another architecture, say something.

Which version of Debian was this? (Number and name.) What hardware is
this running on? (Laptop, desktop, Pi, make and model#, disks and other
pieces connected, etcetera.) Is this just running Debian, or is it
multi-boot? When you try to boot the thing, what is the last message
that is displayed before the system freezes? Take a picture of the
monitor with your camera, upload it to your website, and follow up to
this message with a link to that JPEG. That's a bit easier than trying
to transcribe a big screen of text.

Also, "Help needed" is not a good Subject: line. "Debian X.Y install
won't boot on a $THING" would've been better. You should be as specific
as possible in the Subject: line of a mail for maximum utility. Please
follow up, Hope That Helps,

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