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Author: John Seberg via PLUG-discuss
To: Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss
CC: John Seberg
Subject: Re: Editing firefox.desktop
I'll just add that on the Ubuntu 18 LTS system at which I'm currently looking, the file is here:


Mine has two Actions - the second one being - open a private window.

I could see where I might easily add additional Action items, except that I would personally not be able to supply the Name attribute for the many locales I'm seeing in my file.

When I right click the icon on the dock, I see the two Action items mentioned, and I'm assuming a third would show the same way.

Just a thought,

On Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 4:56:07 PM MST, Matt Graham via PLUG-discuss <> wrote:

On 2020-12-23 16:39, Steve B via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> Is it possible to edit the firefox.desktop file such that I can
> invoke "firejail --apparmor firefox -no-remote" as the default manner
> in which the application starts? If so can someone point me to a guide
> or provide me with an example? I'm having some difficulty finding a
> resource through Google.

KDE:  right-click on the application menu, "Edit Applications",
Internet->Mozilla Firefox, edit the Command: entry so that it executes
what you want instead of the default "firefox %u" command.

Everything:  Just find whatever .desktop file is being used by your
desktop environment with "locate \*desktop | grep firefox" (there may be
a few of them.)  Then edit the Exec= line so that it invokes the command
line you want instead of the default "firefox %u".  This will almost
certainly break every time firefox gets updated though.

Alternatively, copy the default .desktop file to wherever your Desktop
directory is, then edit that, and always launch your firefox from that
icon/whatever instead of the system menu.  That will get rid of the
"menu entry goes back to default after update" problem.

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