PLUG Virtual Meeting on Sep 10th

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Author: PLUG Announcements via PLUG-discuss
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Subject: PLUG Virtual Meeting on Sep 10th

PLUG Meeting for Sep 10^th

*Attend by going to:*


    This month:
    We've got a couple of presentations for you to enjoy from the
    comfort of your own home.*

** *******
****Adrian Cochrane: What is the small web And Why Is It Important?*

To support the creation of "webapps" web browsers have become
increasingly complex, to the extent that even major corporations can no
longer continue keeping up.

There's been a growing community concerned about this direction the
web's been taking and wanting to do something about. This talk will show
that this is possible and vital to do.

*About Adrian*:
Adrian started programming when he was ten years old, when he'd sleep
with a Python book under his pillow. Since then he continued studying
programming eventually graduating from Victoria University of Wellington
with a BSc Computer Science, now running a contracting business with his
father supporting the establishment of open standards.

He started developing his own browser to explore an increasing
fascination with how to (re)discover valuable webpages, occasionally
contributing code to related projects. And frequently studying all the
code he can about how elementary OS works.

*Kevin Tyers: BASH - Practical Tips*

Kevin will be sharing 6 of his most beloved tricks for using Bash. These
simple, yet practical tips should be immediately useful, or at least
inspirational for you to develop your own set. This talk is for people
of all skill levels.

*About Kevin*:
Kevin Tyers is a SANS Instructor, the head of cyber intelligence
engineering for a Fortune 250 company, and the head of infrastructure
for iCTF. Throughout his 15-year career, he has worked in the
government, telecom, health care, and financial industries focusing on
network engineering/security, incident response, and tooling. Kevin is
the cofounder of the Information Security group DC480 in Phoenix
Arizona. He has spoken at a variety of public and invite-only
conferences such as BSidesLV, CactusCon, and SANS Hackfest. He has been
a Linux user for as long as he can remember and is passionate about
sharing the tips and tricks he has learned for using Linux.

*Attend the meeting by visiting at 7pm MST*

*Meeting Location is Virtual*:

For more information see the meeting information on our web site

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