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Author: Brian Cluff via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Brian Cluff
Subject: Re: Auto Mounting External USB drives
You could use the mountpoint command to check if there is something
mounted on destination drive like:

if ! mountpoint $DESTINATION_DIR >/dev/null; then
        mount -t ntfs PARTUUID=c6040663-9321-4d28-91f0-2f3eb35f72b7
if ! mountpoint $DESTINATION_DIR >/dev/null; then
        mount -t ntfs PARTUUID=f88c9c86-e44d-4846-9fbe-305074347e97

I'll leave it up to you to handle what to do if the drive doesn't mount.

Brian Cluff

On 9/9/20 1:34 PM, AZ Pete via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was finally able to do away with an aging Windows machine and
> replace it with a Raspberry Pi 4 running Buster.  The only purpose for
> this server is to backup selected folders and files from other servers
> onto two external USB drives for offsite storage. I've automated the
> backup process using rsync and a cron job. All is working well and the
> backups are happening on schedule.
> However, currently I have to manually mount each of the external
> drives. This isn't a terribly big issue since the drives are rotated
> to offsite storage only once per month. But, if the Pi gets rebooted,
> the drives are not being auto-mounted and the backups will then fail.
> I've tried putting an entry in /etc/fstab to auto-mount them at boot,
> but if they drives are not connected at boot time, I've found the the
> Pi doesn't boot (it just seems to hang).
> Here is how I mount the drives.
> mount -t ntfs PARTUUID=c6040663-9321-4d28-91f0-2f3eb35f72b7
> /mnt/Ext3TB_Data1/
> mount -t ntfs PARTUUID=f88c9c86-e44d-4846-9fbe-305074347e97
> /mnt/Ext3TB_Video1/
> How can I "conditionally" mount an external drive based on if the
> drive is currently connected? I could write a script that checks if
> the particular partition (PARTUUID) is currently connected but not
> mounted and put this script in the rc.local folder to be executed at
> boot.
> Is this the best way? I'm sure that others have encountered this issue
> and wanted to know what the "best practices" are on how to achieve this?
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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