Good $100 Wifi Router for Apartment and Advanced User?

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Author: Andrew McRobb via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: Andrew McRobb
Subject: Good $100 Wifi Router for Apartment and Advanced User?
So after going through 3 Netgear routers in one year. (One died, another
got compromised, and the other just couldn't consistently stay online) and
sticking with Linksys which seems to be doing the job okay, but can't
handle the load at times.

Requirements from most important to least important.
- Multiband and handle large network traffic (3 TVs, ~4 Smart Phones, and 1
Linux Gaming/Work Desktop) and possibly light server for personal ususage.
- Advanced Parental/Access controls.
- Ability to set the power level of wifi range.

I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
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