New Video: Aaron Jones presenting "Introduction GNU IceCat"

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Author: Brian Cluff
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: New Video: Aaron Jones presenting "Introduction GNU IceCat"
*Aaron Jones* presented "*Introduction To IceCat*" to the Phoenix Linux
Users Group's Security meeting on Oct 18th, 2018

This was just a quick into to IceCat that Aaron tacked onto the
beginning of his main talk.  It was good info so I made a seperate video
out of it.

*About Aaron*:
Aaron is an experienced Linux user with several years of teaching
experience. He works in the industry as a software developer while also
providing consultancy on cyber security related topics. His discussions
are AZ Post certified for training credit for law enforcement and he
prides himself on providing quality educational material that is
relevant and topical. He has a Masters Degree in Intelligence Analysis
with a focus in Cyber Security, is a life long learner, and prides
himself on staying up to date with the ever changing field of cyber

Feedback on the video is appreciated....

Brian Cluff

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