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Author: der.hans
To: plugaz, Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Cloud Based File Store and Sync
Am 13. Mar, 2020 schwätzte Nathan (PLUGAZ) so:

moin moin Nathan,

I was going to suggest NextCloud. I know a bunch of people using it and
there were lots of happy fans at the BoF at SCaLE.

I definitely suggest NextCloud rather than OwnCloud. I also recommend
Frank's talk about why he forked his own project to make NextCloud and
interviews about it.



> Hey All,
> I am a long time user of Dropbox, simply to keep a couple gigs of files
> synced between machines and a laptop. I also use the Android app on occasion,
> and I appreciate the camera uploads.
> As most of you are probably aware, Dropbox isn't very friendly any more
> towards multiple machines so I've been hunting for something else. I like the
> idea of MEGA and it's end to end encryption...though I'm not sure how much I
> trust it. I've been using it for a few weeks and at first it seemed really
> good, but it's been rather flaky lately. So I'm back on the hunt.
> Any recommendations?
> I am looking at setting up an ownCloud on my existing Digital Ocean server,
> or maybe my local server at home, though I'm not sure I want attention being
> drawn to my home ip address. Any thoughts?
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