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Author: Joe Lowder
To: plug-discuss
Old-Topics: Re: Need to contract hire a Linux expert and c-programmer ...
Subject: Re: Need a Linux expert - partially solved ...
Matt responded (in part):
> This ('readin.c') is old code.
> Fortunately, all you should need to do is recompile it.
> Nothing to do with the kernel here.

Thanks Matt! ... You have always been a tremendous help!

Turns out I was able to get 'readin' to work okay
by checking/fixing some permissions and by changing
one reference point a script that relied on 'readin'.

With regard to the other part of my post regarding
the need to hire a Linux expert and c-programmer ...
I've had one response (so far) from my quest to find
someone to help (for hire) with some of my projects.

I've used fiverr with some success for a few small
jobs, but not to get answers to Linux questions.

PLUG has always been a *tremendous* help ...
but I have several unanswered questions from recent
(and past) posts, so I still hope to find someone I can
call (for paid assistance) to get timely answers when
I do have some of those unanswered questions.

Thanks again!

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