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Author: William Lindley
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Re: color laser printer?
On 1/25/20 10:03 AM, der.hans wrote:
> What model do you have?
> When I was looking online everything was pointing at downloading a
> proprietary tool from brother's site.
> I did find a package for brother printers and it lists two B/W printers.

This is the HL-3170cdw.  Printer works perfectly as a plain PostScript
device; or has a PPD for the similar 3070 which works fine:

There is a tiny wrapper program on the Brother site; it appears to only
add support for built-in fonts and set a few other PostScript options...
the installed bits (you can do this in a Docker container) are almost
entirely text and an easily viewed binary that seems just to add the
various strings.

I believe the current model, HL-L3270CDW, should work exactly the same,
although have not tested.


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