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Author: Donald Mac McCarthy
To: Main PLUG discussion list, Michael Butash
Subject: Re: Slack for PLUG
I know slack is not F/OSS, but it is nearly ubiquitous. Many of my
clients use it and as such, I use it to communicate with their team as
well. As much as I hate to admit it, I have 9 slacks open right now. It
can sometimes seem like too much, but it is nice to be able to check
messages in one interface and not 20.

The users are not limited in the slack free plan, but it only stores the
last 10k messages. I believe the non-profit license comes with some
support which is why it gets limited. None of the data is stored
encrypted, although the client does use TLS for transport to and from
the server.

I would prefer that everyone use IRC or jabber since you can tie those
into the same client and even use PKI over jabber, but alas, they don't.
Slack is the new way of the world for the time being.

It could also help grow and expand the group by making it more
accessible to those who are not "if it isn't IRC or ICQ, get of my lawn"
type folks.

I would toss my vote for slack for none other than how I have seen it
help other users' groups grow.

Someday - I'll jump on the freenode IRC - I just have to remember which
server and which screen my irssi client live on.


Michael Butash wrote on 12/31/19 11:57 AM:
> I was looking at this for something else, and thought this might be
> nice for PLUG.  
> I use Slack chat a lot with various customers and partners, and it's
> free to nonprofits ala PLUG (I think) if under 250 users.  Not sure
> how many folks are actually joined to PLUG offer that to everyone
> (that would actually participate), but I'd be interested in joining it
> if one existed with the folks that normally participated here.
> Thoughts?
> -mb
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Open Source Context
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