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Author: der.hans
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Slack for PLUG
Am 31. Dec, 2019 schwätzte Michael Butash so:

moin moin,

We do have an IRC channel.

#PLUGaz on Freenode.

There are some Matrix gateways to Freenode, but I haven't tried any.



> I was looking at this for something else, and thought this might be nice
> for PLUG.
> I use Slack chat a lot with various customers and partners, and it's free
> to nonprofits ala PLUG (I think) if under 250 users. Not sure how many
> folks are actually joined to PLUG offer that to everyone (that would
> actually participate), but I'd be interested in joining it if one existed
> with the folks that normally participated here.
> Thoughts?
> -mb

# LFNW cfp closes Jan 15
# I chose to use the kernel sources as my documentation. ;-)
# -- Kevin Buettner---------------------------------------------------
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