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Author: Mark Phillips
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: How to find which switch port is associated with a particular outlet
I have an old Netgear JGS524E switch. I am trying to map out where all the
wires go. I have a remote roku device that gives me the assigned IP and MAC
address, and it says it is a wired connection. However, the switch only has
a rudimentary web gui, and there is no show mac-address function. It would
take some effort to remove the roku/TV from the wall to disconnect the
network cable, so I was hoping there is some clever way to find out which
switch port that roku device is connected to.

I tried a process of elimination to map all the other lines back to the
switch, and all of the lines are accounted for...which means the roku is
not connected to the wired switch. But the interface says it is connected
to a wired port, so I am at a loss to say which port goes to that device.
The roku works even when I turn off the wifi routers....


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