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Author: Crawford Rainwater
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Re: Learning Python
While I admit, I use to go for hardback books, and then even ebook, most
seem to become dated with respects to IT topics rather quickly.

<shameless plug>
So I looked into online learning platforms, and have been using
LinuxAcademy for several years now. They do include Python development
oriented topics, but also many other topics (including Linux as their name
suggests ;-) ). The annual subscription is the best deal IMHO, and you can
cancel at any time.

Here is a sign up link with my referral code (I get a few bucks off when my
renewal comes up next year) for those who are interested besides Peter.

</shameless plug>


--- Crawford

On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 12:00 PM <>

> Hi All,
> I'm interested in learning Python and thought I'd ask the PLUG brain trust
> on some recommendations for books.
> My main interest in learning Python is more for data analysis (Statistics,
> AI, etc), not web programming. I'm a SQL Server DBA/Developer and recent
> versions of SQL Server have the ability to run Python within the database
> engine as another avenue for data analysis. I'm also interested in moving
> toward more data analysis/BI roles and Python fits the bill quite well. I
> have 20 years of DBA experience, so I don't necessarily need beginner level
> programming books. But having said that, I have no experience with Python
> at all.
> I've found countless video tutorials on Python (Pluralsight, EdX,
> Coursera, etc.), but I still prefer book learning, especially books that
> teach a concept and then give you "homework" assignments to practice.
> Any recommendation on Python books for programming (not website stuff,
> though) would be very much appreciated.
> Also, recommendations for an IDE on Windows would be appreciated. I
> already use VS Code for Powershell development, so maybe that will be ok
> for Python?
> Thanks,
> Peter

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