polar penguin eggs this weekend

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Author: der.hans
To: quatsch
Subject: polar penguin eggs this weekend
moin moin,

One of the local educational camp companies is going to be making polar
penguin eggs (dry ice bubbles) at Odysea this weekend.

Make sure to wear a GNU/Linux shirt with a penguin on it :).

Polar Penguin Eggs

Engineering For Kids will be presenting another exciting hands-on activity
for free for visitors to Odysea Aquarium the weekend of October 5th and
Come by to create and hold your very own polar penguin eggs. Discover the
fun uses of dry ice and learn what keeps these bubbles from popping even
while you hold them in your hands. Treat them with care as these eggs are
filled with an icy fog, giving them an ethereal look sure to get your kid
Engineering for Kids - Phoenix Metro



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