Re: Problem with 2 Displays and Ubuntu 18.04

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Author: Matt Graham
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Problem with 2 Displays and Ubuntu 18.04
On 2019-01-16 15:18, Mark Phillips wrote:
>> Normally windoze or some Linux DE's you can right click on the menu,
>> choose "move", which should refocus the window or the mouse that
>> the mouse can grab it.
> Gnome has the option, but one has to right click on the title bar,
> which is not available when the evince window is thrown to the lower
> resolution monitor.

Holding Alt and clicking anywhere in a window should also let you move
that window. At least that's the default in KDE. This is handy when
silly resizing problems position a window's title bar higher than the
top of the screen.

> [evince] was a little large for my liking, so I installed eog. Small
> and fast, and no issues like evince!

I thought eog was a general image viewer, while evince is a PDF reader.
A recent eog tarball only mentions PDFs in eog-print.c, the changelog,
news, and a jpegutils README.

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