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Author: Jim
To: plug-discuss
Subject: Re: android question
My current phone is from cricket.  I don't like their idea of blocking a
feature the manufacturer built into the phone (sharing the internet
connection) and charging to restore it.  The LG X charge I had when I
was with comcast enables  the sharing of the phone's internet
connection.  I think i'll pay the $20 to get it unlocked then put the
cricket sim card in it.

On 12/31/18 10:15 AM, Matt Graham wrote:
>> On 12/30/18 10:57 PM, Herminio Hernandez, Jr. wrote:
>>> If it is a AT&T device then you are dead in the water. There is no
>>> way to unlock the bootloader on those deives.
> On 2018-12-31 04:55, Jim wrote:
>> Thanks Alexander, Stephen and Herminio. I've learned a lesson here.
>> Make sure the device can be rooted before buying it.
> Also note that things can be more complicated than that.  The Samsung
> Galaxy S7 was listed on as working.  This is only
> half-correct.  The Galaxy S7s that are sold in Europe and Asia can
> have their bootloaders unlocked.  The Galaxy S7s that are sold in the
> USA cannot.  So check very carefully before buying anything.  I
> *think* the best bet right now is an LG phone; many are supposed to be
> unlockable.  None of the LG phones my carrier is selling are listed on
> though.
> The other thing casual users may not know is that it's possible to
> uninstall some things that appear to be stuck forever.  "adb shell"
> then "pm list packages | sort | more" and find the thing you want to
> get rid of (com.facebook.evil or whatever).  Then "pm uninstall
>" or whatever and you will bypass that "can't
> uninstall this from the settings->apps menu" problem. NOTE:  Back up
> your phone before doing this, in case you accidentally uninstall
> something you find you need later.

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