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Author: Matt Graham
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: android question
> On 12/30/18 10:57 PM, Herminio Hernandez, Jr. wrote:
>> If it is a AT&T device then you are dead in the water. There is no
>> way to unlock the bootloader on those deives.

On 2018-12-31 04:55, Jim wrote:
> Thanks Alexander, Stephen and Herminio.  I've learned a lesson here. 
> Make sure the device can be rooted before buying it.

Also note that things can be more complicated than that. The Samsung
Galaxy S7 was listed on as working. This is only
half-correct. The Galaxy S7s that are sold in Europe and Asia can have
their bootloaders unlocked. The Galaxy S7s that are sold in the USA
cannot. So check very carefully before buying anything. I *think* the
best bet right now is an LG phone; many are supposed to be unlockable.
None of the LG phones my carrier is selling are listed on though.

The other thing casual users may not know is that it's possible to
uninstall some things that appear to be stuck forever. "adb shell" then
"pm list packages | sort | more" and find the thing you want to get rid
of (com.facebook.evil or whatever). Then "pm uninstall" or whatever and you will bypass that "can't uninstall
this from the settings->apps menu" problem. NOTE: Back up your phone
before doing this, in case you accidentally uninstall something you find
you need later.

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