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Author: PLUG Announcements
To: plug-announce
Subject: Free/Open Source Stammtisch and resume review night this Tues July 17th
Wikipedia describes a Stammtisch as:
A Stammtisch (German: "regulars table") is an informal group meeting
held on a regular basis, and also the usually large, often round table
around which the group meets. A Stammtisch is not a structured meeting,
but rather a friendly get-together.

Or in other words, we get together at a restaurant and talk.  It's fun!

We will have a resume review night before Stammtisch. The job event
starts at 6pm, Stammtisch starts at the normal 7pm time.
We have quarterly jobs events before Stammtisch ( January, April, July,
October ). Resume review nights ( January and July ): bring your resume
and questions for review by tech industry veterans. We can help with
content, display and editing. Job networking nights ( April and October
): we encourage engineers from groups that are hiring and hiring
managers to attend. The goal is for prospective candidates to learn
about the company and the actual job and for the team to have a chance
to meet prospective candidates

*We'll be meeting at Boulders On Southern at 7pm on Tuesday for the
Free/Open Source Software Stammtisch.

Please come and join us for some good conversation over good food and
drinks, both of which are optional... Friends and family are all
welcome. Come see where the conversation leads this time, it doesn't
just stick exclusively with Free Software and Linux.  Us geeks are
interested in all sorts of things, so the conversation always leads to a
good time. If you have any problems, feel free to bring in your machine
and we'll see what we can do to fix your problem...

Boulders on Southern Located on the north side of Southern about 1/4
mile east of Alma School

1010 W Southern Ave (Map 
Mesa, Arizona 85210     

For more info Click Here

See you there,
Brian Cluff

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