PLUG's Security Meeting - July 19th

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Author: PLUG Announcements
To: plug-announce
Subject: PLUG's Security Meeting - July 19th

*PLUG *Security Meeting

Meets on the*3rd Thursday of every month*, starting at 7pm.
For more information see:


For this month's Security Meeting, Aaron Jones will be giving us an
"Introduction to Shodan"

*Introduction To Shodan* is a two-hour course designed to provide an
overview of the search engine for finding devices connected to the
internet. Shodan is a security researcher tool that works by scanning
the entire internet, locating and parsing banners, and then returning
this information to the user. Shodan is an excellent tool to familiarize
yourself with if you do not have the infrastructure or tools necessary
to run masscan yourself. Shodan is useful in the target selection phase
of an operation.

*About Aaron:*
Aaron is an experienced Linux user with several years of teaching
experience. He works in the industry as a software developer while also
providing consultancy on cyber security related topics. His discussions
are AZ Post certified for training credit for law enforcement and he
prides himself on providing quality educational material that is
relevant and topical. He has a Masters Degree in Intelligence Analysis
with a focus in Cyber Security, is a life long learner, and prides
himself on staying up to date with the ever changing field of cyber

*Meeting Location*:
Desert Breeze Substation
251 North Desert Breeze Blvd West
Chandler, AZ 85226

The Desert Breeze Substation is on Chandler Blvd and Desert Breeze Blvd, 
which is half way between McClintock and Rural.  It is very close
to both the south 202 and 101 freeways.  Public transportation is
available into the late hours.

See the meeting information on our web site
<> for more

See you there,
Brian Cluff

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