Re: printer is not responding - SOLVED! ;)

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Author: Joe Lowder
To: plug-discuss
Old-Topics: Re: printer is not responding
Subject: Re: printer is not responding - SOLVED! ;)
Thanks Brian! That tip enabled me to solve the
problem. I've never heard of a device arbitrarily
changing ip addresses without any apparent reason.

Brian Cluff wrote:
> By that error, I believe that your system is working
> correctly, it just can't reach the printer anymore.
> My stab in the dark guess would be that your printer
> changed IPs and you need to update your config to reflect that.

>>> On 07/09/2018 07:45 PM, Joe Lowder wrote:
>>>> My printer (Brother HL2270DW has been working fine
>>>> wireless for a couple years, but today it failed to print.

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