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Author: Matthew Crews
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Ubuntu 18.04
On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:56:32 AM MST you wrote:
> I would like to get a CD to install Ubuntu 18.04. One site offers 12
> CDs of repository files. I know many of you may make your own install
> CDs. I don't have the time so where is the best place to purchase these
> CDs. Are that many CDs of repository files necessary?

Are you saying you want to make an install disk, or do you want to install off
of CD-ROM (as opposed to DVD-ROM)?

Just a heads up for Ubuntu 18.04, Canonical does not offer a full install CD
image anymore, as they have increased the download size to require at least a
DVD or USB stick.

If you want a CD and not DVD install, you should use the network installer. An
active internet connection is required to use it.

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