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Author: Carruth, Rusty
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: RE: Ubuntu 18.04
Put a slightly different way -

Actually, let me interrupt myself and say - if you start at I seem to recall a LOT of links for where to buy install images. You might start there if you’re bound and determined to go buy something ;-)

Ok, back to our regularly-scheduled email:

Generally, you can use multiple CDs or a single DVD (I’m assuming that ‘they’ still allow the use of CDs instead of DVDs!). I suppose it’s possible to only burn the CDs you know you’ll need, but I certainly wouldn’t know ahead of time which ones I have to have and which I don’t, so I’d probably download all of them anyway. Which makes me say:

If you get an install DVD instead of a bunch of install CDs you’re probably better off over using CDs, if for no other reason than you don’t have to guess which CDs you need. For Linux Mint (which I use because I’m lazy ;-) and which is based on Ubuntu), the DVD image is under 2GB (more than 1G, but I forget how much more).

To back up a little, why are you looking for CD images of repositories? Do you not have access to the internet from where the machine will have Linux installed? Or is it because you only have a CD drive and not a DVD drive?

If it’s the latter, a DVD drive can be had for under $20 (I bought some USB DVD drives for under $20 on eBay, including shipping).

If you live in or near Tempe, and can’t download (or can’t burn) a DVD, let me know which exact version of Ubuntu (or derivative - as I say, I use Mint ;-) you want, and I’ll burn you a DVD. You meet me somewhere that isn’t too far from where I usually drive anyway, bring a blank DVD, and I’ll trade you.

Now, if you’re worried about keeping that host up to date without an internet connection, that’s a bit of a different question.

Generally, everybody today assumes that all hosts have access to the internet. Kind of a pain for places where internet access is either behind a really badly-designed (cough Microsoft ;-) proxy, or you have no access at all… (And, yes, I speak from experience)

Not having direct internet access is something of a pain for keeping hosts updated. If that’s your issue, it deserves a whole different thread. For now, all I’ll say is: On Mint (and I assume on ANY Linux host using synaptic) you can create a download script for whatever packages you want to install, copy that script to a place that HAS internet access, run it, copy the downloaded files back to that original host, and install (using apt or dpkg). Updating the package lists, however, could be a real issue. In fact, updating a Mint machine without internet access would probably not work, since Mint disabled update in synaptic. (Please, no flames. Not my decision, and after grokking why they did that I’m ok with it. I probably wouldn’t have done it that way, but nobody asked me ;-)


From: PLUG-discuss [] On Behalf Of Shawn Fratis
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 8:04 AM
To: Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Ubuntu 18.04

You should consider making your own CD. It's pretty simple: go to the Ubuntu website and download the .iso for your computer, then burn as an image disc (you can right-click from the .iso in Windows to get this function). Burn to your CD (you will probably need a blank DVD-R), then restart your machine (you might have to tell it to start from the CD drive), and then Ubuntu will talk you through the rest.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, 7:56 AM mike enriquez <<>> wrote:
I would like to get a CD to install Ubuntu 18.04. One site offers 12
CDs of repository files. I know many of you may make your own install
CDs. I don't have the time so where is the best place to purchase these
CDs. Are that many CDs of repository files necessary?

Help the Novice. Thanks a lot to those who respond.

Mike Enriquez

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