Re: Major Intel Memory Vulnerability

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Author: der.hans
To: Matthew Crews, Main PLUG discussion list
Subject: Re: Major Intel Memory Vulnerability
Am 02. Jan, 2018 schwätzte Matthew Crews so:

moin moin,

the bugs now have names and logos, let the marketing begin.

Am I affected by the bug?

Most certainly, yes.

Rumors thus far:

* new Linux kernel has a 'fix' for some value of 'fix'

* microsoft will force an update tonight

* a macos update from early December already has the fix

* AWS east will be doing reboots tomorrow

* AZURE will have extra reboots in the near future

* Google Android systems ( Nexus and Pixel ) have fixes available, but
might be mostly unaffected anyway

* tshirts available soon ;-)



> In a nutshell, it is a major security flaw in Intel hardware dating back a decade that is requiring a complete kernel rewrite for every major OS (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc) in order to patch out. It cannot be patched out with a CPU microcode update. Major enough that code comments are redacted in the patches until an embargo period is expired. Also the reported fix will have a huge performance impact.
> Also crucial to note is that AMD chips are not affected by this.
> How the heck does something like this go unnoticed for so long?
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