catching the hand that is spying on me

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Author: Mike Bushroe via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Mike Bushroe
Subject: catching the hand that is spying on me
<egg on face>
I found the reason someone was spying on me. It was me.</egg on face>
I was.
I was searching around on the other camera and found that it not only
interface with the same software but read a file in the album.
Eventually I watched the only video completely. The room in the
background seemed familiar. But the end it was my fingers and then my face.
It is not possible that a thief could have recorded it, let alone want to.
So the camera must have been put it in myself, probably last spring, which
I have little memory of.

I still have the problem that the intercom system works outside to in,
although volume is weak, but no signal from inside to out.

Thanks for all the help. But I am most thankful for not having to worry any




is most VALUABLE when it is GIVEN AWAY for


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