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Author: Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: techlists, Mike Bushroe
New-Topics: Radeon RX580 and trouble with Ffmpeg
Subject: Re: Catch the hand that is spying on me
I would never had thought of this type of scam. I hope you find the
person or persons. I'm guessing it might be someone close to you.

Several months ago there was a post on next door where a man had passed
away and someone stole his gun safes. Heinous!!

Is this camera ties into a subscription?

On 2024-04-04 19:00, Mike Bushroe via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> I have been lurking for a long time and just returned from a 10 month
> session in hospitals, extended care facilities, other hospitals, rehab
> places, more nursing care, other hospitals etc after having a major
> brain injury and brain surgery. During this time my sisters have been
> feeding the cats and spending a little bit of time looking after the
> place. During this time the doorbell had shorted out and a new
> wireless doorbell put in its place. When I found out about I asked my
> sisters how had put it in so I could find the user's manual to see how
> to convert it to my system. Only none of them knew anything about it,
> just assumed that one of the others had put it in.
> Now I am facing the problem of someone having secure access to my
> front door. And while I have
> been gone for so long things, including expensive things have gone
> missing. Some locked up but with hours or days of knowing when no one
> will be there can make it easy to get to.
> So what I am hoping for is if someone knows of a program to detect
> when something transmits from a few inches away and then some way to
> triangulate on where else that network is coming from. It seems
> unlikely that anyone else within range would also not notice a
> wireless doorbell suddenly showing on their front door. Perhaps even
> just wireshark watching for which WiFi groups suddenly light up when
> somebody walks in front of the camera. Such as CoxHiFi, Nighthawk.
> Sorry for the long gap between messages and then the big request.
> Mike Bushroe
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