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Author: blake gonterman via PLUG-discuss
To: Main PLUG discussion list
CC: blake gonterman
Subject: Re: Looking for opinions on email providers
Proton mail. Not the cheapest, but feature rich.

On Mon, Jan 29, 2024, 6:01 AM Matthew Crews via PLUG-discuss <
> wrote:

> On 1/28/24 22:14, Steven via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> > Apparently I am late to hearing this, but in the near future Cox will
> > have Yahoo take over handling all "" email accounts. I've
> > occasionally in the past looked at email providers but never felt much
> > need to move. But as long as this is going to be happening anyway I
> > figure it's time to look again. Does anyone have a preferred email
> > provider? I made use of Cox formerly offering up to six email accounts
> > on a single residential plan to set up an account for my sister, this
> > account, and a couple others. Are there reasonably trustworthy
> > providers that don't scan all your emails in order to push ads on you
> > and that don't don't cost an arm and a leg?
> I've used Mailfence for a long time, and for the price (€42 a year, or
> about US$45 a year depending on currency exchange rates) they are pretty
> feature rich.
> -Custom Domain support (with catch-all email address)
> -IMAP support (for using an email client)
> -PGP Encryption support through the web client
> -10GB storage for email
> -Located in Belgium, strengthening privacy requirements (in theory).
> The only other paid services I would recommend are Tutanota or
> Protonmail, but...
> -Tutanota does NOT support IMAP (and therefore does NOT support
> downloading your email to an email client like Thunderbird)
> -Protonmail is more expensive compared to all of the above, but their
> security is unparalleled.
> If you need free email, and you need lots of storage space, then
> unfortunately the only other reasonable solution is Gmail, and we know
> why Gmail cannot be trusted.
> -Matt
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