Re: Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer

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Author: Jim via PLUG-discuss
To: plug-discuss
CC: Jim
Subject: Re: Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer
If these reports of Tesla mistreating the workers and showing no concern
for them are true, that alone would be reason enough not to buy one.  I
don't automatically believe the claims because people will try to
exploit anything to further their own agendas. Lying about the facts
won't bother such people one bit.  Maybe it's true.  Maybe it isn't.  I
don't know.  Even if I knew for a fact none of this were true, I still
wouldn't  buy a Tesla.  I don't like electric cars.  IMHO they're not
ready to replace the internal combustion engine.  They don't have the
range of a car with a gas tank and it  takes hours to charge one.  If
you can find one of those fast chargers, and not have to wait in line
for it, you can get it charged in 45 minutes or a bit longer depending
on how depleted the battery is.   Imagine driving from the Valley to
Yuma in one during the summer.  You'd have to have the ac on. That would
seriously eat into the range.  Would you be able to make the round trip
on one charge?  I  wouldn't want to risk it. Imagine being stuck on the
side of the road in the summer long I 10 between Yuma and Gila Bend. 
With a car that burns liquid hydrocarbons, the tank can be empty and
still you can fill it in a few minutes.  Right now an ev might be good
for someone who's driving to work and back every day who can charge it
at home overnight.  It cuts down on air pollution and if you drive one,
you don't have to stop at a gas station on  the way home.

On 12/28/23 17:56, Matthew Crews via PLUG-discuss wrote:
> Add this to the growing list of reasons I won't buy a Tesla vehicle.
> Between their quality concerns, ability to find qualified mechanics,
> and how they treat their workers, now I can add their careless concern
> for employee safety.
> On 12/26/23 18:11, Keith Smith via PLUG-discuss wrote:
>> Interesting story.
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