Advanced Password Manager and SSH Tunnels Thursday

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Author: der.hans via PLUG-discuss
To: quatsch
CC: der.hans
Subject: Advanced Password Manager and SSH Tunnels Thursday
moin moin,

I'm giving 2 short presentations in BigBlueButton Thursday at 19:00

Advanced Password Manager

SSH Tunnels

Password managers are great for securely storing long, unmemorizable
passwords. They also simplify injecting randomness into other parts of
credentials. Build account separation by using unique credentials
(username, password, email address, security questions and answers, shoe
size, etc.).

Attendees will learn about:

     unique credentials to build account separation for every service
     important password manager features
     multi-factor authentication
     subaddressing for unique email addresses
     command line tools for random strings and dates
     hints for speaking random strings
     using a password manager for secure data escrow

SSH is the go to tool for sysadmins and developers for interactive
connections to remote machines. It creates secure, encrypted connections
between computers, even across hostile networks.

SSH can also create tunnels for encapsulating other connections, including
other TCP protocols and data.

After attending this session, audience members will be able to create a
local tunnel from client to server, a remote tunnel from server to client,
and do simple analysis of local vs remote evaluation of a command.
Attendees will be able to use tunnels for SSH and other TCP protocols
(MySQL and HTTP). They will also be familiar with dynamic SOCKS proxies
and using SSH to tunnel graphical applications. Finally, attendees will
also learn SSH configuration and command line tips for convenience of use,
including using forced command to restrict an SSH key to one purpose.


     Local Tunnels
     Remote Tunnels
     Dynamic SOCKS Proxies
     X11 Tunneling
     Service Tunnel Examples
     SSH Forced Command
     SSH Home Game

FLOSS #Stammtisch is Tuesday at 19:00


# "If you stop people installing their own software on systems they
# supposedly own then you are part of the problem, and whatever whining
# and marketing you do you share responsibility with the powers who abuse
# what you created." -- Alan Cox, 2017Jul31
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